Architectural photography

What is included in Architectural Photography?


Clients can choose from a variety of session types including mini-session, half-day and full-day sessions based on the project size and desired images. We collaborate prior to the session to establish areas to be photographed or a detailed shot list, styling or staging if needed, and any other specifics regarding the project. Typical architectural photography or interior design photography sessions always capture overall space, as well as important details and vignettes to tell the story of the project.

After the session is complete, a proof gallery is sent to allow the client/s to select the final images to be edited. Each session has a fixed number of professionally edited images included, with additional edits available at our current architectural photography editing rate. Image turn-around time is typically 3-4 weeks unless otherwise noted.



What is the difference between Architectural Photography and Real Estate Photography?


The difference between architectural photography and real estate photography is the end goal of the imagery and the story it conveys. Real estate photography aims to showcase overall rooms with a wide angle lens to help sell a home. These types of sessions usually have a short time-frame to capture a lot of rooms. Therefor, there is less attention to detail, less time to tweak or refine multiple compositions, and the inability to capture lighting at different times of day in a space. However, architectural photography incorporates all of these aspects, which results in a more refined, high-end photograph that is timeless. 



architectural photography of New Hampshire timber frame home black front door