Written by Arabella Cairns

People have always turned to visual arts and compositions to tell stories. We’ve seen this happen over the years, from the early cave paintings, to the Mona Lisa, and eventually, to our social media feed. This isn’t surprising when, according to the NCBI, 65% of the population are visual learners. That means more than half of the entire population process and retain information better through seeing. This is why images and other visual materials are always part of a brand’s identity and messaging.

When your brand communicates to your audience, you want them to be receptive to it. One way to do this well is through photos, but it’s not as easy as grabbing your phone and snapping away—it takes years of experience and a photographer’s eye to capture images that tell stories. This is why most brands invest in professional photography, and as we said in our ‘Why Professional Photography is Important for Your Business’ write-up, it’s an investment that’s worth every penny. So here are some things professional photos can do for your brand:

Become immediately associated with quality

When your brand uses professional photography, it immediately gives people the impression that your brand cares about quality. You may have the most visually captivating products, but when they’re photographed badly, they’ll look bad.

Incidentally, New Hampshire happens to be the sixth wealthiest state in America, and with a population that’s highly educated and with high median household incomes, too—expect Granite Staters to look for assurance that they’re getting high-quality products. Photos may be how your brand gets introduced to the market, so you have to make sure that your photos accurately represent the quality of your products or services.

Stand out from the crowd

There’s a danger of looking like every other brand in your industry, especially when you’re so invested in keeping track of the competition. And this is something you need to avoid at all costs since forming a New Hampshire LLC or sole proprietorship has become an attractive venture for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

The state doesn’t impose a sales tax and an LLC guarantees well-protected Operating Agreements, so you see new businesses being formed almost every day. And with small businesses making up 93% of all businesses in New Hampshire, it can get pretty competitive. So you will need to stay ahead of the curve by visually distinguishing yourself from your competition.

Tell your unique brand story consistently

You need your brand image to convey a unified message, one that people can immediately associate with your brand. This is why you should have a consistent visual identity and style across all the marketing channels you use, from the first post to today’s Instagram update. And a professional photographer can give you that.

When the pandemic started, most New Hampshire entrepreneurs turned to the internet to keep their businesses running. While this shift may be sudden, it’s important to keep your brand message intact and continue telling the same story.

Have a pool of versatile, quality photos

Professional photography costs can get high at times, but when you consider the many ways you can use high-quality images, you’ll realize how practical the costs actually are. Professional photos are very versatile; you can use them for everything from printed collaterals to listings on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Etsy.

Most transactions have shifted to online—and will probably stay online in the post-pandemic world—so you’ll benefit from thumb-stopping photos, especially if you want to expand your business outside of New Hampshire. These photos will help you gain more business opportunities. According to data reported by Weebly, 75% of potential buyers say that product photos heavily influence their decision on whether or not to buy a product. Moreover, high-quality and accurate photos help you avoid customer returns because a “delivered item looks different from the picture.”

Brands rarely become overnight successes, so it’s important to cover your bases and make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to help your business thrive—starting with professional looking photos!