Twilight sessions can produce powerful images. And the difference between when the sky is illuminated by the sun below the horizon versus above the horizon can create dramatically different looking images. My architectural photography session last week at Horseshoe Pond in Concord, New Hampshire, is a prime example of the power of sunlight.

Before the sun crested the horizon, the building was illuminated by a cool blue hue, creating a softer, more serene image with even lighting. This style of image would correlate well with a brand that wants to reflect a more calm and relaxed vibe. Colors such as blue and purple may be used with images like these in marketing materials to help create a cohesive look.

Now compare that to the dramatic light from the sun peaking over the horizon. This is when golden hour is at its prime. There is a lot more contrast between the blues and yellows, creating an image with more “umph” (if that’s a word?!). This style image would work well for a brand that wants to reflect a lively and bold vibe. Utilizing complimentary colors such as blue and orange with images like these can make an impactful marketing presentation.

This technique is not just limited to architectural photography. The power of sunlight can be applied to products, environmental portraits, and branding photography to name a few. Will you choose to utilize the power of sunlight to showcase your work?