Ridgelight Studio now offers drone photography services! Cool, right? But what does that mean for you and how can you utilize drone services for your business?

Provide a Unique Perspective 

The most obvious benefit of drone use is the ability to access unique perspectives. Angles that used to require manned aircraft can now be obtained using just a single drone and remote pilot. At Haute Cabin, a wonderful AirBnB in Vermont, the owners decided to use aerial photography to boost the appeal of their listing. Their potential customers now have a real idea of just how remote and peaceful their vacation could be! It’s a simple way to make a big statement.  

Haute Cabin architectural view from the ground.
drone image of a solar powered cabin in Vermont
Haute Cabin view from the drone.

A unique point-of-view can also add a pretty dramatic effect to any scenario. Below, Warren Shumway of Mind Earth Tree and Landscape Service, maxes out his Dino 72XTC to reach the highest limbs of a large dead tree. The image depicts not only his skills, but his array of specialty equipment. Let our images speak for you.  

Drone photography for Mind Earth Tree Service.

Improve Safety 

Safety is another huge perk of unmanned flight. The use of drones can eliminate the need to put pilots and passengers at risk. If you wanted to inspect a roof or chimney twenty years ago you had to get on the top of the house. Now, you can hire a professional to gather the same information from the safety of the front lawn. This allows homeowners to take a better look at their house and it can also allow home inspectors to supplement their own services with the help of a professional drone pilot.  

A contractor inspects the roof of a residential home, but can’t see everything.
Drone view of the roof and vent, which is difficult to see from far away.

Save Money 

Not only do drones provide a unique perspective in a safe manner, but they do so faster and more efficiently than previous methods. The methods and logistics of planning a flight, capturing media and delivering a final product are more efficient than ever. Safety, efficiency and cost reduction are all real-world benefits of unmanned aerial operation.  

Ready to Bring Your Images to New Heights?

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