Professional photography can be expensive and overlooked. However, it can be a very important asset to your business. Here are a couple reasons you and your company can stand out by utilizing my professional photography services.

Looking Professional

Let’s face it, an image is a first impression. Your media represents your business. Many customers and clients are drawn to visually aesthetic images, which can lead them to choose you over a competitor. Professional photography can capture the essence of your business; it’s authenticity, and your credibility. As we all know, marketing is a huge part of running a business, so why not put your best foot forward?

For example, take my own recent branding images I created to launch my business. It took some extra time and effort, however the image to the left is a much better representation of my company and me as a person at my home office.

To the right is the same concept of me at my home office, only using an iPhone to capture it. It’s not a bad image, however it’s not very compelling. The focus is more on my cluttered desk than me!

Many businesses decide to just stick with their smart phone (although those tiny cameras do keep getting better!) or to purchase stock photography. While these are decent options, are they a true representation of you and your business? Do they make your business stand out? Most likely not. Choosing to have professional photos taken can help others get to know you and your business in just a few seconds.

Hassle Free Visual Storytelling-

The greatest benefit of working with a professional photographer is that your business will have a whole bank of images after just one session. This is helpful in creating hassle-free social media updates and marketing campaigns. After just one 2 hour session with HealthyAFay (a Pre and Postnatal Health Coach) she had images for multiple blog and Instagram posts, as well as images to design her new website.

Having an array of compelling images will help your business grow. Professional images are more likely to get shared, reposted, receive more likes and ultimately provide more exposure, driving more people to your business. As you keep pulling from your professional photographs, you can tell a consistent story and create an attractive branding experience.

Will You Choose to Invest in Professional Photography?

Whether you are a skeptic or on the fence, feel free to reach out and learn more. Let me help you take your business representation and brand to the next level. You can be confident that your investment in professional images will be value added for your business.

Branding packages can be found at my pricing page and clicking on the “Life Pricing Worksheet”.